2021: The Year of The Rebound

Dear MBC members and future members:

As a vertically-challenged president of Medway Business Council, no one would ever pin me as an expert in basketball, but I have a healthy interest in the sport as a metaphor for business in 2021. In basketball, as in business, players with a great rebound know three things: how to clearly communicate, how get into position to take control and take the shot, and how to stay alert while repositioning yourself – without getting boxed out.

In 2020, business owners in Medway certainly learned to stay on our toes, and pivot. And pivot. And pivot again if needed. We’ve kept the MBC spirit going in a pandemic throughout 2020 by working as a solid team, and I’m immensely proud of making it through last year and to see us into the 2021 winter stretch. Vaccines are being distributed as we speak (one more basketball reference: the “shot clock” is ticking!) and we are poised for a 2021 comeback as long as we can move past the political quagmire we are in and unite moving forward.

I’m proud to serve with the leadership team of MBC. We have certainly needed to be smart and strategic as we continued our monthly programming virtually, and even used time wisely to reach out and increase our membership during a pandemic, welcoming some fabulous new Medway business leaders on board. Thanks to the leadership of Wayne Texeira and John Haddad, we’ve launched our first-ever townwide business directory at medwaybusinessdirectory.com, and we’ve planned some pretty fun socials. (Looking at you, ugly Christmas sweater owners who made our virtual holiday party pretty colorful!) We are thrilled to launch the first ever “21 Days of Giveaways” promotion now through the end of January to encourage local shopping, and will soon launch our first ever Medway Restaurant Week at the end of February with the cooperation of the Town of Medway and the Economic Development Committee.

Still wondering if MBC is a good value for $95/year? Your MBC membership dollars are working hard for you with cooperative ads too… shouting the #ShopMedway message online and in print, and at every opportunity via wonder duo Liz Shea and Faina Shapiro with monthly videos and profiles in entrepreneurial spirit.

Many thanks, too, to Laura Logan, our eagle-eyed secretary; John Parrella, our stoic treasurer; and dedicated board members Art Prutsalis, Tonia Marin and Tom Reardon for the assist on all things MBC… as well as Clint McHoul for his Scholarship Committee leadership during a pandemic, too.

In 2021, let’s create even more ways to promote Medway businesses, and support each other. The MBC team will keep our heads up and keep our eyes on the ball. Many thanks to all who set us up for success as we strive to make 2021 the year of the rebound.


Julie Dennehy, President, Medway Business Council

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