Be an MBC Ambassador…Only takes a few minutes here and there

Medway Business Council is in need of members to be MBC Ambassadors.  One of the most important areas where MBC wants to improve is outreach to members and prospects.  We do a good job with emails keeping members and potential members informed; however, in a busy world with many priorities, it helps to have personal contact with others. Emails aren’t enough! With this in mind, we are forming an Ambassador Group.  Do you have a few minutes here and there where you can help our organization?

Being an Ambassador isn’t a major time commitment.  From a personal networking perspective for your own business, it’s a way for you to get to know more people. Relationships are built when you help others, and by introducting others to MBC you’re helping them get connected. So calling about MBC is a nice way to start a conversation…and who knows where that might lead.

What does being an Ambassador involve?

  1.  Calling on existing members to remind them about upcoming meetings.  Sometimes staying involved just takes a little encouragement because it’s easy to forget when meetings are.
  2. Calling on nonmembers to let them know about MBC. You might think every business in Medway has heard about MBC but you’d be surprised.  We don’t want to be a secret, and we need your help to connect with others.
  3. Welcoming new members at our events. When someone is new, it’s nice to have a buddy system, so Ambassadors will help to make sure others feel welcome and get to meet others.

Ready to help MBC become an even better organziation?  Please contact, Tonia Marin at Charles River Bank (508) 533-8661 or

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