Invitation to Central Business District Forum Nov. 18th

Planning and Economic Development Board (PEDB) is undertaking a comprehensive review of the Town’s zoning regulations for Medway’s Central Business Zoning District.  This area includes both sides of Main Street (Route 109) from Evergreen and Pond Streets on the west to Shaw’s and Walgreens on the east.   The goal of this project is to develop some updated zoning regulations for consideration at the May 2021 Town Meeting.

A virtual Community Forum has been scheduled for Wednesday, November 18th at 7 pm.  Medway residents and businesses. We have sent a direct mail about the Forum to all CBD businesses and property owners and owners of residential property abutting the central business district.

To assist with this effort, the Town has retained community planning consultant Ted Brovitz. His scope of work includes interviews with the major central business district property owners, discussions with various Town officials and representatives of Town boards and committees, analysis of existing land uses, facilitating a Community Forum to solicit public input, and preparing revised zoning language for review and refinement by the PEDB and Town staff.

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