Our Free Townwide Online Resource: The Medway Business Directory

Medway Business Council reminds business owners about its new initiative to help build a stronger business community in Medway.  The new townwide Medway Business Directory is a free, comprehensive resource for anyone seeking resources in the town.  During COVID, the MBC Board of Directors realized there has been no central resource where residents/businesses can find a list of all local businesses. As part of our mission to encourage shopping and buying local for all businesses, we wanted to create and host this resource for the benefit of the entire Medway community

Sure, Google may find some of the businesses in Medway, but not every business is equally strong with an online presence and there are many businesses that might be overlooked.  This comprehensive business directory, sorted alphabetically and by category, allows anyone to search and explore local providers for their needs.

Discover new and established local businesses to support.

The directory, located at www.medwaybusinessdirectory.com, lists every business in Medway whether or not they are a member of MBC. We encourage every business to visit the site to ensure that their information is correct and that they are listed under the proper category. Updates can be submitted easily right on the website form.

There are two levels of listings:

FREE Basic Listing: We want to help every Medway business be found and be successful because we believe that a rising tide lifts all ships.  Every business in Medway has a basic listing that includes:

  • Business Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Location Map
  • Listing under one Category

Enhanced Business Listing for all Medway Business Council Members – As a way of delivering additional value for membership (just $95 per year), MBC Members enjoy enhanced listings, which includes:

  • Business Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Location Map
  • Logo
  • Contact Name
  • Email address
  • Website link
  • Business info description – extremely helpful to help consumers find you when doing a keyword search
  • Up to 3 category listings
  • Listed at top of categories/searches

Admittedly, keeping a directory updated is a challenge as businesses open, close and move. However, it is our hope that with the support of the entire business community and directory users reporting any needed updates, the process of maintenance will be a natural and ongoing process. Ultimately, it will be a community project for the benefit of all.

Power in Numbers

Our hope is that more Medway businesses will join MBC’s efforts to champion the cause of buying local. By joining MBC, businesses not only get an enhanced directory listing, but they also receive other member benefits of being included in our advertising, have member access to our monthly events, increase networking opportunities, and be part of a movement to encourage shopping local as well as build a stronger business community in Medway. Having a larger and more active membership will provide more resources for MBC to do additional work. We hope that the Medway Business Directory will be a catalyst for more businesses to join, and encourage our members to help spread the word.

Special thanks to John Haddad of Bisinet Technologies, and Wayne Texeira of Murphy Insurance Agency for their work in making the directory a reality.


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