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Murphy Insurance Agency ***

Contact: Wayne Texeira 133 Milford Street Medway MA 02053 Phone: 508-422-9277 Fax: 508-422-9914 Cell Phone: 978-567-4624 Website: www.dfmurphy.com
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Provides full range of insurance solutions for business and personal needs. Developing customized protection plans working with a variety of local and national insurance carriers.

BUSINESS: property & equipment, commercial auto, liability, bonds, worker’s compensation, employee benefits, business continuation planning and more.

PERSONAL: auto, home, condo, renters, valuables, disability, life and more.


Free insurance value comparison and discount double check.  We’ll look for coverage gaps, discount opportunities and compare options to find the best value. What you don’t know about your current coverage might surprise you.

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133 Milford Street Medway MA 02053

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Member Spotlight

‘SUP Coalition Provides Substance Abuse Prevention Resources to Business Owners

It has been a privilege to support ‘SUP Medway, a Substance Abuse Prevention community coalition. ‘SUP Medway’s mission is to engage in collaborative community work focused on the reduction and prevention of substance use, and that includes support for Medway business owners struggling with this critical issue.

Healthy employees make healthy communities, and we are pleased to share this coalition’s list of resources with you. Please note the resources for adults are on page four.

Please review the ‘SUP Coalition’s excellent list of substance abuse prevention and recovery resources online here.

We have also placed this PDF on our Facebook page for members to find there.

Thank you ‘SUP Medway!


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