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Tap Into The Power of Local: #ShopMedway

Love to buy local and support your local businesses in the Medway area? You are in luck… #ShopMedway is here to give you even more reasons to do business locally!

Print out a coupon below or show the coupon on your smartphone when you visit the business to claim your offer.

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What is #ShopMedway?

#ShopMedway is a Medway Business Council (MBC) driven initiative designed to boost Medway’s economy by encouraging shopping local in Medway for retail, restaurants, services and more. Have you ever thought about the difference your purchases make? Get onboard and support the businesses that make Medway a thriving community.

How it works! 

#ShopMedway helps consumers connect with local MBC business members in two ways:

#ShopMedway webpage

Here on this page, you’ll find coupons and offers from a variety of businesses. You can browse all the offers or search for specific categories, recent offers or soon to expire offers. Print out a coupon or show the coupon on your smartphone when you visit the business to claim your offer.

#ShopMedway Facebook page

On the #ShopMedway Facebook Page, you’ll find news, reviews, offers and even FREE giveaways. Be sure to like our page and choose to “Get Notifications” so that you are notified of our posts. Like and Share posts that you like to tell your friends and neighbors about ways that they too can #ShopMedway and benefit by buying local. Our community grows together through our mutual support.

Look for the #ShopMedway window decal to find participating businesses.


Modeled after Franklin's successful #ShopFranklin campaign and with founder Sarah Mabardy's support, the Medway Business Council launched #ShopMedway in January 2018 to support the local economy and encourage Medway consumers to shop local by sharing news, offers and discounts from local businesses.

This year-round campaign is designed to bring awareness and provide a platform for local businesses. MBC has a long history of championing the cause and needs of the local business community, and #ShopMedway is a natural extension and outgrowth of our mission.

Businesses must be an MBC member to provide an offer to the public, but anyone can enjoy the discounts and offers provided within #ShopMedway. Businesses interested in learning more can visit our Join the MBC page.