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Mar 19 2020

Working together the Medway Community and Medway Area Business continue to navigate this coronavirus outbreak crisis.  Medway Business Council wants to pass along information related to the COVID-19 outbreak that may be helpful.  In our previous post, we shared information from Senate President Karen E. Spilka and The 495/MetroWest Partnership.  We know that many businesses especially retail and other small ...
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COVID-19 Information & Resources from Senator Spilka and The 495/MetroWest Partnership


Mar 16 2020

Medway Business Council wants to pass along information related to the COVID-19 outbreak that may be helpful.  The information we received comes from two sources (See Information Below): Senate President Karen E. Spilka Jason Palitsche, Executive Director of The 495/MetroWest Partnership (Thanks to Barbara Saint Andre, Medway Director of Community & Economic Development for sharing We hope that you find ...
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POSTPONED – March 25: Social Media and Video Creation Workshop

Medway Business Council

Mar 16 2020

With the COVID-19 outbreak, it is necessary for Medway Business Council to postpone its workshop scheduled for March 25.  As we all work together to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, we appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing all our members at upcoming events once routines are able to return to normal. Thank you. The Medway Business Council ...
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March 25: Social Media and Video Creation Workshop

Social Media

Mar 3 2020

Improve your social media marketing How's your social media game these days?  Do you have one? Do you think you need to improve? Getting social media to work for your business takes consistent dedication, but it doesn't have to take a lot of time.  Don't be intimidated. You don't have to learn it all at once. Join Medway Business Council ...
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Tentative Save the Date! April 22: LinkedIn Top 10 Tips for High Powered Business Results

Linked In

Mar 3 2020

NOTE:  Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Medway Business Council is maintaining this scheduled event on our calendar; however, we will be assessing the appropriateness of holding the event closer to the actual date.  We are all hopeful that this situation will improve; however, we will act prudently for everyone's safety and health. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Are you maximizing the benefits of ...
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Why not take advantage of FREE Advertising?

Mar 2 2020

Why not promote your business for FREE! No extra charge! It's over a year since MBC launched it's #ShopMedway Initiative.  We're doing well, but we could do better. MBC's #ShopMedway Initiative is a FREE member benefit to help you promote and build your business!   Right now we have over 500 Facebook followers of #ShopMedway, but we want more.  What will ...
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February 12: MBC Networking Lunch at Restaurant 45

Jan 30 2020

February 12th: MBC Networking Lunch and Idea Exchange at Restaurant 45 Join Medway Business Council for a lunch and idea exchange on February 12 at Restaurant 45.  When making decisions and trying to think creatively, it's always good to have a sounding board. You might work on your own and/or not have a team of others easily accessible to brainstorm ...
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Be an MBC Ambassador…Only takes a few minutes here and there

Jan 28 2020

Medway Business Council is in need of members to be MBC Ambassadors.  One of the most important areas where MBC wants to improve is outreach to members and prospects.  We do a good job with emails keeping members and potential members informed; however, in a busy world with many priorities, it helps to have personal contact with others. Emails aren't enough! ...
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Jan 15: Morning Noshing and Jenga-style Networking

Jan 6 2020

After the whirlwind of the holiday season, we're all getting back in the swing of things.  Getting out and networking is a great resolution for 2020...and we have an easy way to help you achieve that goal.  Join Medway Business Council on Wednesday, January 15 at The Thayer Homestead from 7:30-9:00AM to make connections and share ideas.  With our Jenga-style ...
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Join us December 18 for some holiday cheer! The Medway Business Council holiday social.

Dec 4 2019

The holidays are here and you are invited to enjoy some holiday cheer with fellow business people in Medway! Join Medway Business Council on Wednesday, December 18 at T.C. Scoops from 5-7 p.m. for our annual Holiday Social... a chance to sip, nibble and tell year-end stories.  The holidays can be hectic so why not take a short break from ...
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Members: Promote your holiday specials on #ShopMedway

Nov 25 2019

If your business is having any holiday specials, be sure to include #ShopMedway in your marketing efforts.  It's a free opportunity for any MBC member.  Visit if you aren't familiar with how to participate. It's not something to think about during the holidays but all year long, too. Check out our coupon page, that lists member #ShopMedway deals that ...
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Save the Date! January 15: Medway Business Council Morning Networking

Nov 24 2019

Save the date for our January event, which will be held in the morning on Wednesday, January 15 from 7:30 AM to 9AM at the Thayer Homestead.  We're planning a morning networking where you can meet others and share ideas.  More details to come.
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