Welcome to the Medway Business Council

The Medway Business Council (MBC) has been supporting and growing the Medway business community for more than three decades and is here to support you.

The 13 original founders foresaw the need to develop an arena for the exchange of ideas and information, to address issues relevant to local businesses, and to promote a healthy business climate in Medway. These ideals continue today, when pulling together as a community is more important than ever.

The organization's monthly meetings provide members with the opportunity to network, promote their businesses' products and services, and hear presentations on a range of topics of interest to the local business community.

Welcome to the Medway Business Council
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Please tour the MBC website and learn all that MBC offers its members. If you'd like to learn more, visitors are always welcome at MBC events.

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MBC News & Events

Medway Business Council

2020 Annual Meeting Recap & Congratulations to our new Board

Thanks to all the members who were able to attend Medway Business Council’s Annual Meeting online via Zoom meeting on June 17, 2020 at 4PM. Just like every business working to be more creative during these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, MBC is working to adjust and continue to meet and provide value for its members, too.  An outline of the meeting is provided below along with a link to a recording of the annual meeting for those who would like to view the event.


Member Spotlight – submit your business bio.

Get some free publicity for your business on MBC’s Member Spotlight found on our Member Directory pagehttps://medwaybusinesscouncil.org/members/ 

You don’t have to be an award winning writer to profile your business. We can help.

The biggest challenge with any written profile is getting the details about your business and what you’d like the world to know about you.  Only you can provide that information.

  1. Go to https://medwaybusinesscouncil.org/members/ to see how the current profile is written as an example.
  2. Write up your profile to the best of your ability and submit it to MBC along with your logo or a photo at info@medwaybusinesscouncil.org
  3. One of our MBC volunteers will review and if necessary reach out to you with suggested edits.


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COVID-19 Resources for Medway Area Business

Working together the Medway Community and Medway Area Business continue to navigate this coronavirus outbreak crisis.  Medway Business Council wants to pass along information related to the COVID-19 outbreak that may be helpful.  In our previous post, we shared information from Senate President Karen E. Spilka and The 495/MetroWest Partnership.  We know that many businesses especially retail and other small businesses that rely on foot traffic and gatherings are particularly struggling during this time.  As a volunteer organization, Medway Business Council doesn’t have direct resources to support businesses; however, we are a source of information and can be a resource to help businesses find resources working with our network of other local businesses, town government and State House connections.  (more…)