Welcome to the Medway Business Council

The Medway Business Council (MBC) has been supporting and growing the Medway business community for more than three decades and is here to support you.

The 13 original founders foresaw the need to develop an arena for the exchange of ideas and information, to address issues relevant to local businesses, and to promote a healthy business climate in Medway. These ideals continue today, when pulling together as a community is more important than ever.

The organization's monthly meetings provide members with the opportunity to network, promote their businesses' products and services, and hear presentations on a range of topics of interest to the local business community.

Welcome to the Medway Business Council
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Please tour the MBC website and learn all that MBC offers its members. If you'd like to learn more, visitors are always welcome at MBC events.

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MBC News & Events

Successful Succession Planning for your Business – Wed., February 13 @ 5PM

Have you been putting off planning for you businesses future?

Medway business owners – regardless of company size – pour their heart and soul building their company. Unfortunately, stats show that 58% of small privately held business owners have no succession plan (Inc. Magazine) and most of those with no plan:

  • 78% blamed their lack of planning at least partially on enjoying “managing their company too much to start thinking about a future transition
  • 42% said they were too busy to plan
  • 44% felt that succession was “too far in the future” to need to establish a plan now.

If you have been putting off thinking or taking action in planning for your business, now is your moment to start the planning process… with a free program hosted by the Medway Business Council:

WHEN: Wednesday, February 13th at 5:oo PM (with a snow date of Wed., Feb. 27th)

WHERE: Charles River Bank – 70 Main Street, Medway

Featuring two local legal and financial planning experts, we hope you’ll make time to join us for an overview of the importance of succession planning. Our speakers are Clinton McHoul, Vice President at Charles River Bank, and attorney Marc Cusano of Borchers Trust Law of Medway.

Refreshments and light fare will be served.  The event will start with registration and short networking from 5:00-5:30pm, followed by the program. This event is open to all businesses in the Medway area, and thanks to Charles River this event is FREE to members and nonmembers. If your business is not a member of the Medway Business Council, this event is a great time to come for FREE and learn more about our group and consider joining.

Please CLICK HERE to register before February 11th, please.

Getting a headcount to plan appropriately is extremely important.  Thanks for registering in advance.

Why not take advantage of FREE Advertising?

Why not promote your business for FREE! No extra charge!

It’s been over a year since MBC launched it’s #ShopMedway Initiative.  We’re doing well, but we could do better. MBC’s #ShopMedway Initiative is a FREE member benefit to help you promote and build your business!  

Right now we have over 370 Facebook followers of #ShopMedway, but we want more.  What will drive people back to #ShopMedway over and over is if we are having great offers.  Every day you probably think about how you can gain new clients and gain new opportunities or get existing customers to spend more.  Advertising and other marketing can cost you money. But, with MBC you already have a FREE way to promote your business.

We really need all Medway Business Council members to make an effort to participate to help #ShopMedway really take off.  You have nothing to lose and new cusotmers to gain! More offers from more businesses means more value for everyone. Participating is simple…just come up with an offer and submit it.  MBC will take it from there.


  • A free initial consultation!
  • 10% of a first consulting contract.
  • A discount off a total purchase
  • Buy 2 get 1 free.
  • Spend $100 and get 10% off.
  • An extra service when someone buys another service

Anything you can imagine that makes sense to you!


Helping Hands

Volunteering doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment

MBC needs your volunteer support to help make our organization bigger and better.

We want MBC to be a driving force help businesses in Medway succeed.  As a business organization, we are a grassroots and member involvement is critical to our future success and growth. MBC needs volunteers to serve on various committees including Program, Membership and Digital IT.  Being involved doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment and more hands makes the work lighter.

A few areas we need help include:

Outreach/Membership – We’d like to form a team of MBC Ambassadors, who basically talk up MBC and are willing to do outreach. Ambassadors would make, if you can commit to making some phone calls every so often to help with Membership development and outreach to current members, that would be great. One great thing about being an Ambassador is that it helps you network as you help MBC. Sometimes it’s tough to call on other businesses to talk about your own business, but if you’re calling to tell a business about something that can help them, it’s a great way to start a conversatoin.

Programming – It would be great to have a few people to help out with programing including:  1) Handling posts to our website to promote meetings   2) Handling online registrations    3) Taking pictures at events    4) Video taping events.  5) Program Idea development.  You don’t have to take on a whole bunch of tasks, but if you take on just one part then it can make the process easier for everyone.

If you’d like to lend your talents and a little of your time to help our organization continue to be vibrant, please contact any board member.