Welcome to the Medway Business Council

The Medway Business Council (MBC) has been supporting and growing the Medway business community for more than three decades and is here to support you.

The 13 original founders foresaw the need to develop an arena for the exchange of ideas and information, to address issues relevant to local businesses, and to promote a healthy business climate in Medway. These ideals continue today, when pulling together as a community is more important than ever.

The organization's monthly meetings provide members with the opportunity to network, promote their businesses' products and services, and hear presentations on a range of topics of interest to the local business community.

Welcome to the Medway Business Council
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Please tour the MBC website and learn all that MBC offers its members. If you'd like to learn more, visitors are always welcome at MBC events.

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MBC News & Events

MBC seeks new Board Member to fill vacancy.

Recently, MBC Board Member, John Larney resigned his position on the MBC Board.  His schedule and duties as State Quartermaster at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Department of MA haven’t allowed him to participate as an active board member as he had intended when he accepted the nomination from the floor at the May 2018 Annual Meeting.  The MBC Board appreciate John’s many years of support of MBC through his participation and the support of the VFW, and thank him for his willingness to serve.

As a result of this change, Medway Business Council is now seeking a new board member to fill this open position.  Being a nonofficer position on the Board, this slot can be filled by a vote of the current board members.  You don’t have to have prior experience; simply a desire to be involved and participate.  As an “active board” that plans meetings, manages membership, conducts communications efforts and advocates for local businesses, there are many opportunities to lend your talents to support MBC and it’s member businesses.

Please contact Wayne Texeira, MBC President, at 978-567-4624 or any member of the board to learn more about being part of MBC leadership, and helping MBC to continue is mission of supporting local business.

Thanks again John for your service to MBC.

Luck of the Irish: Meet the Chef Networking Lunch

Ready to keep the St. Patrick’s Day spirit alive?

Come to a special Medway Business Council networking lunch on March 21st from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. This is not only a chance to meet other Medway business owners and enjoy fine fare, but an opportunity to meet the new chef of Mickey Cassidy’s Irish Restaurant & Public House, Laura McDaniel and owner Kate Cassidy.

Fresh off our February event on succession planning, this luncheon is a fun and friendly place to meet new people and hear about the next generation of this Medway restaurant.  This event is open to all businesses in the Medway area. You don’t have to be member to participate.

Lunch will feature a buffet of Mickey Cassidy’s best sandwiches, salads and soups and soft drinks. All who PRE-REGISTER will be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to Mickey Cassidy’s, compliments of Kate!

WHEN: Thursday, March 21,  11:30 am – 1:00 pm

WHERE: Mickey Cassidy’s Irish Restaurant & Public House -116 Main Street, Medway  (Drybridge Crossing Plaza opposite end from The Muffin House)

LUNCHEON FEE:  Members $25; Nonmembers $30. 

Please CLICK HERE to register in advance. Please do so before Monday, March 18 so that we have a headcount for planning purposes.  Thank you!

Helping Hands

Volunteering doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment

MBC needs your volunteer support to help make our organization bigger and better.

We want MBC to be a driving force help businesses in Medway succeed.  As a business organization, we are a grassroots and member involvement is critical to our future success and growth. MBC needs volunteers to serve on various committees including Program, Membership and Digital IT.  Being involved doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment and more hands makes the work lighter.

A few areas we need help include:

Outreach/Membership – We’d like to form a team of MBC Ambassadors, who basically talk up MBC and are willing to do outreach. Ambassadors would make, if you can commit to making some phone calls every so often to help with Membership development and outreach to current members, that would be great. One great thing about being an Ambassador is that it helps you network as you help MBC. Sometimes it’s tough to call on other businesses to talk about your own business, but if you’re calling to tell a business about something that can help them, it’s a great way to start a conversatoin.

Programming – It would be great to have a few people to help out with programing including:  1) Handling posts to our website to promote meetings   2) Handling online registrations    3) Taking pictures at events    4) Video taping events.  5) Program Idea development.  You don’t have to take on a whole bunch of tasks, but if you take on just one part then it can make the process easier for everyone.

If you’d like to lend your talents and a little of your time to help our organization continue to be vibrant, please contact any board member.