Welcome to the Medway Business Council

The Medway Business Council (MBC) has been supporting and growing the Medway business community for more than three decades and is here to support you.

The 13 original founders foresaw the need to develop an arena for the exchange of ideas and information, to address issues relevant to local businesses, and to promote a healthy business climate in Medway. These ideals continue today, when pulling together as a community is more important than ever.

The organization's monthly meetings provide members with the opportunity to network, promote their businesses' products and services, and hear presentations on a range of topics of interest to the local business community.

Welcome to the Medway Business Council
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Please tour the MBC website and learn all that MBC offers its members. If you'd like to learn more, visitors are always welcome at MBC events.

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MBC News & Events

Nov. 15th Breakfast Meeting: Medway Economic Update

Join us for our November 15th meeting – bright and early at 7:30AM at the Medway VFW, 123 Holliston Street, Medway.  Our breakfast event will feature bright ideas on what is driving Medway forward and helping us succeed.

Learn more about Medway’s plans for economic growth from experts Susan (Susy) Affleck-Childs, Town of Medway’s Planning and Economic Development Coordinator, and Keith Peden, Vice Chair of the Medway Economic Development Committee. Bring your questions about what is happening in town, and how the MBC and the Town of Medway can help you build your business. Enjoy a delicious hot breakfast by Pangea Cuisines and network with other business professionals.

Register here before November 9th, please.

Meeting Recap: Mindful, or mind full?

Did you know the average worker checks Facebook 21 times each day? Checks email 74 times daily? Shifts computer screens an average of 566 times each day (documents to email to websites and around and around…)? Do you call this a typical day or does it stress you out just thinking about these numbers?


On October 18th, the Medway Business Council hosted an evening workshop on mindfulness, resilience, and focus in the workplace, presented by Brenda Fingold, JD, a teacher of stress reduction for the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Ms. Fingold shifted our thinking about mindfulness beyond meditation or yoga toward an evidence-based practice. Mindfulness is scientifically proven to improve your health – not a “nice to have,” but a scientifically researched neuroscience; a way to keep our brains healthy, make better decisions, and protect ourselves from toxic stress.


Member Spotlight: Community Kangaroo – Sharon Aigler

MBC Member and Community Kangaroo Owner/Founder Sharon Aigler (pictured front and center) with her Community Kangaroo contributing writers

I live just a “hop” outside Medway and taught biology at Medway High School for five years. I left to be home with my two young kids, which showed me the need for a company like Community Kangaroo.

I founded the media resource Community Kangaroo, which is a free website for parents in Boston’s MetroWest to find every family-friendly fair, festival, and storytime in their town and all neighboring towns.