The Medway Business Council (MBC) endeavors to:

  • Offer direct involvement on the local and state level in matters that benefit and affect the business owners and residents in the town of Medway
  • Assist local businesses in the opportunity of promoting and nurturing their businesses through networking and the MBC website, exchanging ideas, and building relationships within our growing community
  • Encourage members to exchange ideas and practices to assist in perfecting and improving each business

Mission Statement

The MBC is a non-profit organization open to any person owning, operating, or controlling a gainful business or profession. Through the efforts of several concerned business people, the MBC was formed in 1979 to promote and build a healthy business community. The prosperity of any business community is a vital part of the overall well-being of this community as a whole.

Our present membership represents a diverse cross-section of large and small businesses including manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, construction and trade, financial service companies, food and beverage establishments, and medical and other professionals.

As part of its mission, the MBC presents this website as an information resource to its members and to the community at large. Its intent is to provide:

  • Information about upcoming meetings and events
  • Links to members' websites
  • Information about Medway - both directly and through links to other sources
  • Other information to members and the public as applicable