Member Spotlight: Vigiboss Inc.

vigiboss-logoVigiboss is a global company with an impressive list of international clients. Their corporate office is right here in Medway at Medway Mills.

Vigiboss provides custom information technology (IT) solutions and services that include custom web design and development, as well as development of custom software and mobile applications.

  • For medical professionals, Vigiboss specializes in healthcare IT solutions that include electronic medical records software, medical transcription services and medical billing services.
  • For smaller businesses with limited IT resources, Vigiboss provides shared services to fill staffing gaps and maximize efficiency.
  • For businesses with unique IT staffing and project needs, Vigiboss provides the solutions that best meet theneeds of the business.

Learn more about the wide range of products and services Vigiboss provides for streamlining all your business processes at MBC members receive a 10% discount off Vigiboss’ standard price.

Reach out to your Vigiboss contact, Pushpa Jangareddi, with any questions. Pushpa can be reached at 774-277-3922 or

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