2021: The Year of The Rebound

2021 is the year of the rebound

Jan 11 2021

Dear MBC members and future members: As a vertically-challenged president of Medway Business Council, no one would ever pin me as an expert in basketball, but I have a healthy interest in the sport as a metaphor for business in 2021. In basketball, as in business, players with a great rebound know three things: how to clearly communicate, how get ...
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How to grow your business in 2021… and Beyond!

Dec 24 2020

This year has been hard for everyone -- families, teachers, big corporations, and small businesses. The impacts of the pandemic are felt across the board, and small business owners have been especially agile and resilient. From adopting new business strategies to finding new ways to sell products and services, small business owners have found new ways to adapt. As we ...
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Grow your business with MBC coupons!

Dec 14 2020

With the recent launch of its town wide business directory, Medway Business Council  is continuously working on new and innovative ways to support local businesses and encourage buying locally. Now that you've invested in membership, make sure you activate it with a coupon or offer to promote your business! We need you to email John Haddad (john@bisinet.com) with your offer ...
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Introducing the Medway town-wide Business Directory. Check your listing.

Dec 13 2020

Medway Business Council is proud to announce our newest initiative to help build a stronger business community in Medway.  The new town-wide Medway Business Directory, which launched on November 9, 2020.  The MBC Board of Directors realized that there has been no central resource where residents/businesses can find a list of all local businesses. As part of our mission to ...
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Membership Drive 2020: Network…Learn…Grow. Join MBC today!

join us membership drive

Nov 19 2020

New and Renewal Membership Drive for 2020/2021 Year is On! Join Now! September is Medway Business Council's annual Membership Renewal/Drive month but you can join at ANY time. MBC is looking forward to another great year of networking/learning events and creating other ways to support member businesses as well as the business community at large.  During these challenging times of ...
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November 19th Zoom Program: Video Marketing & Social Media Tips & Tricks

Video Marketing

Nov 12 2020

During these challenging times where face-to-face interactions and commerce are less frequent, social media is a tool that every business needs to leverage. These tools are more important than ever to help you connect with your existing customers and prospects. Want to fast forward your video marketing for your small business and don't know where to start? Join MBC board ...
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#ShopMedway Needs Your Support!

Nov 12 2020

The Medway Business Council’s #ShopMedway mission is growing and thriving! #ShopMedway is an MBC initiative that supports and encourages shopping local within our town. As a Medway Business Council member, your business is promoted on our dedicated website page and Facebook page. Ambassadors Liz Shea and Faina Shapiro are passionate about highlighting our amazing Medway Business Council members and beyond. On ...
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Invitation to Central Business District Forum Nov. 18th

Nov 12 2020

Planning and Economic Development Board (PEDB) is undertaking a comprehensive review of the Town’s zoning regulations for Medway’s Central Business Zoning District.  This area includes both sides of Main Street (Route 109) from Evergreen and Pond Streets on the west to Shaw’s and Walgreens on the east.   The goal of this project is to develop some updated zoning regulations for ...
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Bird & Bear Collective Hosts Entrepreneurship & Empowerment Workshop

Together, stronger

Oct 14 2020

Join the Medway Business Council as it kicks off its first of what we hope will be many events geared toward female entrepreneurs but open to all: Female entrepreneurs and business professionals, please join us for an engaging and uplifting event focused on connecting our Medway business community members! Join us for this special Medway Business Council event in partnership ...
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Member Spotlight – submit your business bio.

Oct 12 2020

Get some free publicity for your business on MBC's Member Spotlight found on our Member Directory page.  https://medwaybusinesscouncil.org/members/  You don't have to be an award winning writer to profile your business. We can help. The biggest challenge with any written profile is getting the details about your business and what you'd like the world to know about you.  Only you ...
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Advertising opportunity…MyFM101.3 Greatest Comeback Club

Jul 9 2020

MyFM 101.3 has a special advertising program it's offering with a special benefit for Medway Business Council members.  Please take take a moment to review the program on the flyer below and contact MyFM if interested.  You can reach Tom McAuliffe, MyFM Media-MyFM 101.3 at Phone 508-473-1490 or Email: tomwmrc@gmail.com.   Be sure to mention that you're a Medway Business Council ...
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2020 Annual Meeting Recap & Congratulations to our new Board

Medway Business Council

Jun 18 2020

Thanks to all the members who were able to attend Medway Business Council's Annual Meeting online via Zoom meeting on June 17, 2020 at 4PM. Just like every business working to be more creative during these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, MBC is working to adjust and continue to meet and provide value for its members, too.  An outline ...
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