Members: Promote your holiday specials on #ShopMedway

Posted: December 13, 2018

Members: Promote your holiday specials on #ShopMedway

If your business is having any holiday specials in these last few days before Christmas, be sure to include #ShopMedway in your marketing efforts.  It’s a free service and opportunity for any MBC member.  Visit if you aren’t familiar with how to participate. It’s not something to think about during the holidays but all year long, too.

Check out our coupon page, that lists member #ShopMedway deals that are posted for 3 months and will automatically renew to continue giving you publicity.  The more members that participate the more value it will be for consumers and other businesses to visit and participate.  There’s power in numbers….join the effort by promoting your business.

It costs you nothing beyond the offer you choose to make.

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