#ShopMedway Needs Your Support!

The Medway Business Council’s #ShopMedway mission is growing and thriving! #ShopMedway is an MBC initiative that supports and encourages shopping local within our town. As a Medway Business Council member, your business is promoted on our dedicated website page and Facebook page. Ambassadors Liz Shea and Faina Shapiro are passionate about highlighting our amazing Medway Business Council members and beyond. On our Facebook page, you’ll see member “Spotlights” each month, giveaways, and special offers encouraging the public to shop local. There’s no better time to get involved with our #ShopMedway mission as the holidays approach!

Contact Us to Schedule Your MBC Spotlight

Members love being “Spotlighted” on the ShopMedway page. When you’re ready to have your business in the “Spotlight”, you’ll have the opportunity for a quick 15 minute meeting with Liz or Faina to take photos or a video promoting your business. During this time, you’re encouraged to discuss special offers, services, or anything you want to public to know about. We’ll create a fantastic 1-2 minute engaging video or photo montage sharing the business info you want to convey to consumers. Please contact Liz Shea at liz@gardeniahomedesign.com or Faina Shapiro at faina@bhhspagerealty.com to schedule your promotional meeting!

Donate to ShopMedway Giveaways & Get Promoted

ShopMedway has received some great feedback from our monthly giveaways. At the beginning of each month, we’ve been giving away some incredible gift cards donated by Medway Business Council members for our Facebook followers. The great thing about donating is you get promoted for your generosity.

Please consider donating a gift card, gift basket, or even a free service or item. This donation can be related to your business or purchased from your favorite Medway business. ShopMedway giveaways are a great way to connect with the public so please DONATE! Mail gift card or service donations to Medway Business Council. PO Box 45, Medway or contact us to set up a pick up/drop off time.

Tell Us Your #1 Hot Holiday Gift

We want to support our MBC members in big ways this holiday season! One way we want to support our businesses is by encouraging the public to shop small for holiday gifts but we need your help. Tell us: What is your establishment’s Hottest Holiday Gift? Perhaps it’s an awesome winter service offering or a really cool discount this holiday season. Email your best holiday gift recommendation to help promote your business to liz@gardeniahomedesign.com

Remember…checkout our ShopMedway Facebook page, give us a LIKE, and SHARE our posts. You’ll support your fellow Medway businesses in big ways with these simple acts!

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