Welcome to the Medway Business Council

Welcome to the MBC

The Medway Business Council (MBC) has been supporting and growing the Medway business community for more than three decades and is here to support you.

The 13 original founders foresaw the need to develop an arena for the exchange of ideas and information, to address issues relevant to local businesses, and to promote a healthy business climate in Medway. These ideals continue today, when pulling together as a community is more important than ever.

The organization's monthly meetings provide members with the opportunity to network, promote their businesses' products and services, and hear presentations on a range of topics of interest to the local business community.

Welcome to Medway

Please tour the MBC website and learn all that MBC offers its members. If you'd like to learn more, visitors are always welcome at MBC events.

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MBC News & Events

Medway Pride Day Update


The 2016 Medway Pride Day Committee would like to thank the MBC and its many members who participated in sustaining Medway Pride Day this year. Originated by the MBC in 1994, Medway Pride Day has been bringing businesses and residents together for a day of fun and sharing of information.

Be sure to check with Andrea Crow for details about promotional video opportunities through Medway Cable Access. Hurry! The deadline is May 4! Also, there’s still time to secure a booth for the day. Check out complete details on the Committee’s page of the Town of Medway’s website.

See you at Pride Day – May 21st!

Medway Route 109 Reconstruction Update – April Meeting Recap

Medway Route 109 Reconstruction

“Construction is tough”, said Peter Harkey, co-owner of Harkey’s Wine & Spirits in Millis, at the recent Medway Business Council breakfast meeting. He spoke to Medway business owners regarding what businesses can expect during the upcoming Route 109/Main Street reconstruction.  According to Harkey, who went through a similar project in Millis, the construction process can be frustrating for everyone. However, it’s something you just have to endure because you can’t change it. Be realistic that the construction will impact your business. Some days will be better than others. Continue Reading

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