Medway Business Council and Town Committee Take Dialogue to the Next Level

The Town of Medway’s Economic Development Committee (EDC) met on January 13 at the Senior Center. First on the agenda was a discussion with executive board members of the MBC. The topic was how the groups could work together to attract new businesses and retain existing businesses.

The meeting was led by EDC Chairman Paul Yorkis, who turned the floor over to Paul Rao, Vice President of the MBC. Rao gave a brief history of the MBC and highlighted of some of the challenges new and existing businesses in Medway experience. Some issues that come up are in regard to the design of new business properties and new or modified signs. Street construction can also impact existing business, and with the planned construction on Route 109 on the horizon, questions and concerns are likely.

An updated resource is available to businesses wanting to set up shop or make changes to their existing buildings and/or signage in Medway. The Medway Design Review Guidelines outlines sign and commercial building design guidelines for the town. The Guidelines are available online on the town’s Design Review Committee web page. Additionally, the Guidelines will be reviewed at the MBC’s February 17 meeting.

Along with the updated Guidelines, “there is a process in place” for applicant businesses to interact smoothly with the town, stated Stephanie Mercandetti, Director of Community and Economic Development. She stressed that the role of town staff is to welcome and serve the community by being responsive to business owners. Applicants also must feel empowered to be proactive by reviewing the Guidelines and asking questions. Ms. Mercandetti offered her availability to assist businesses in the process of submitting applications.

She also offered assistance with any questions or concerns surrounding the future construction on Route 109. Many local businesses are located along that corridor.

Finally, Ms. Mercandetti announced that Medway recently appointed a Communications Director, Mary Becotte. According to a recent article in the Milford Daily News, this is a new concept in municipal government and will facilitate greater interaction between the town offices and both townspeople and businesses.

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